Back To Nature

Nature doesn’t judge…and if there’s one thing a soul which used to be depressed and anxious needs, then it’s to be somewhere where there’s no judgement.

Sounds like a cliche, doesn’t it? Back to nature.

However, that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Spent much time in nature. It’s been a retreat for the mind, heart and soul.

In the environment of the forest, there’s no stress. Everything happens at a low pace. There’s no time to keep track of, no impressions from a pulsating city life. Nothing wants my attention, I can give my attention to whatever I want, whenever and how I want.

Ever since I started dealing with depression I’ve been looking for things that give relief, calm and sense of peacefulness. Time after time nature proves to be this thing for me.

Whether I engage in hiking for hours in various landscapes, bring my camera to search for interesting nature motifs or lose myself in a book under the shadow of trees, a simple inner peace and bliss is bound to appear and nurture my being in a way that I don’t find anywhere else.

There’s much to learn. Nature doesn’t judge, it’s simply just there, letting me enjoy and explore it. Letting me be myself within it, without evaluating. And if there’s one thing a soul which used to be depressed and anxious needs, then it’s to be somewhere where there’s no judgement.

In nature I’ve found a space to be just me, it’s become a place to recharge, experience inner peace and become inspired.

Whatever it may mean for you, I encourage anyone to search for their place of bliss. I hope to always return to mine…

Leaving Social Media / Taking Back My Creativity After Suffering From Depression

I’ve really been struggling with my ties to social media lately. All honour to the wonders of the internet, but there’s something about it that makes me emotionally ill.

It’s not necessarily because the internet in itself is wrong. I think it’s because it’s wrong for me at this time and place in my life.

Before my depression, I was a very active musician and overall creative person. I wrote music for hours a day and loved doing it. I pretty much lost all of that to the illness. I long so much to get back to a creative lifestyle and my heavy involvement with the internet is currently preventing that from happening.

I experience a nagging drain of energy whenever I go on social media nowadays, to the point when I start to feel low. At the same time, I suffer from not being the creative person I once was. I need to make a thorough effort to get that back into my life.

Social media has become the roadblock which keeps me from moving forward into a new life. I need to change.

To my friends that I’ve met on various platforms. Rest assured I will be back when the time is right. I need to balance up, so I hope you will understand.

Follow your dreams. Don’t limit yourself.